Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Day work for nivea

I am completely done my job at last~I am so happy because i no need to wake up early in the morning already.Of cuz, no need suffer the boringg feeling at giant bukit tinggi already~No need to think what should i eat for my dinner already~~YEPEE~~ Through this 2 week , i had met a lot of promoter at there. They are students, NOT aunties.. okay? Especially the 2 promoter that always hang out with me, Jin Yen(OLAY) and Rachel(GILLETE, HEAD&SHOULDER AND PRINGLES).Ok! First, let me talk about Rachel(siaopo ,xiaohua). My first impression of her is this girl quite manners and i think she is a good talker in promoter's world.So,i didn't get it wrong after i know her. Me and Jin Yen always call her hamster, because her smile really look like hamster!So cute dey~She always talk some cold joke to us, sometimes, my stomach is full of air because of her jokes. Such a cute girl~ =) Second, Jin Yen~ A cool and mature girl when i first saw her~She got a slang when speaking in chinese, so i thought she was a "banana" , absolutely not okay? She just got the slang, but not banana~ hee how funny ~She's also a pretty girl(ops sorry, not girl is lady~)Thanks for making fun together with me~ appreciate alot man! i am gonna miss you guys when i am in kampar ~See ya again if possible =)

My colleagues~Rachel (Gillete)Jin Yen(Olay)I forgot what's her name already~>.<(Sensodyne) Forgot her name too~ She's promote Dettol.

Actually have a lot more, i missed out taking photo with them.Too bad~Hope can saw them once another day!~ Good luck to those who are still studying, and of cuz have a nice day to those who are working~I won't forget those kind aunties that helped me before at giant.i wish you got a good health in your life and also be happy always! =)

p/s: We called each other the product name at there~Is easier for us to remember deehh~How funny!!!

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