Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun Art Teaching at Cerah(Kindergarten).

I feel my blog is so boring. No surprise, not special, and blah blah blah. What to do? life is like that, keep repeating the same things we did yesterday. So, today i decided to blog something special. Semester 2, i have alot activities to carry on, and also my studies. Life goes tougher and tougher, this is a process of growing up. I hope i can handle everything by myself but i always fail to do so. Feel so shameful about myself. But nvm, First learn, experience. Second learn, professional. SEE! I always find excuses to cover up my reason. No way, should chase this bad habit off!! okay, i should stop talking all nonsense here. Let's start! Fun art teaching is the activity that organized by UTAR Arts & Crafts society. And glad to say that I am chosen to be the chairperson of this activity. That's mean i have the opportunity to become a leader hahahha. The activity was held on 17 june 2011. Welcome to Cerah~
The kids are sooooooooooo adorable. Feel like wanted to pinch them.

Separate in different groups. 2 helper take care 4 kids in 1 group.
They are so obedient. =D
The first program is to teach the kids how to make a DUCK HAT.
See, they are so cutee all the way hahah.
Let's the photo do the talk.
Deng deng deng deng!!! " I complete my duck hat ady!"
"Me too!!!"
I can see light reflection.
She's BeeKee. Our program head! After doing the duck hat, the next program is "Father Day Card"
Those helpers are so "yong xin liang ku" thanks to them!

Their father's day card are sooooooooooo cute! Isn't it?

Photo section!

A group photo for all the commitee, helpers and also teachers!

Last but not least, i would like to say thank you for all the helpers and the committee of this activity. I do apologize for every mistakes i did. Sorry! And i know i am not a good leader yet, i will learn from experience. Kiam Kiam and Siew Hui, thanks for helping me all the time when i was "kelam-kabut" . Billion of thanks! Bee Kee and Si Ying, thank you so much! Jacky, thank you for giving chance to me to be a leader.

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