Friday, June 3, 2011

One day trip- Penang.

Hey there, i don't want to say sorry about that didn't update my blog those blah blah things, just wanna make the post shorter and straight to the point. So, where to start? Erm... this trip was on last week and i didn't snap a lot of photo for this trip because my phone was run out of battery that time. Forgive me pls. Hahaha! Penang!!!One of my friend Tan Chow Yang, he came to Kampar to visit us before go back to his campus at Setapak. This was a sudden trip and we didn't plan anything and pack anything to go there. What a great experience. Wheeeeee~We separate into two car to go for dinner We suppose dine in in Kampar, but then, don't know who came out the idea that wanted to eat "ngaa choy gai" which means Bean sprouts chicken last we dine in our dinner at ipoh. LOL! After dinner, guess what, they straight go penang without informing us...till we went for the high way, the road is so-not familiar, then we phone to ask them. Yeah, the highway is straight to penang..=.= So sudden!!! Chit chating in the car...and reach there was around 1.30am something..Went to find a hotel and decided to stay one night at penang.
The next day, went to gurney and queensbay shopping mall to SHOPPING! YEAH! Girls heaven!
Let's the photo do the talk.

End this post with this photo.. Lin yun and mee!!!

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