Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another angle to see the world.


一大早被响起的闹钟吵醒, 那表示我还活着.
I am grateful  that Annoying alarm woke me up every early in the morning, because that's mean I am still alive.

能找到最远的那个车位, 因为那表示我还能走路,而且还有幸能有辆车愿意载我.
I am grateful to found the parking which is far away from my destination, because that's mean I still can walk, and also have someone to fetch me to campus.

有各种对政府不满的抱怨, 因为表示我们有言论自由.
I am grateful to have a lot of complain towards the government, because that's mean we have freedom to speech.

有一堆肮脏衣服要洗, 因为那表示我有衣服穿.
I am grateful to have lot's of dirty cloth need to wash, because that's mean I have a lot of cloth to wear.

I said:

有一堆报告要写, 代表我还有一颗读书的心, 而且与梦想越来越近.
I am grateful to have a lot of assignments need to be done, because that's mean i have a "smart brain" to study and write.

A lot things are waiting me to be done. I am coming! 

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