Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cherry's drawing.

          Yellow everyone! Another drawing post today, and the important is, there's not the only one which is me, noob in drawing, and luckily i found another one - Cherry Yeoh. Proud of it. I believe most of them did not understand what is the drawing post about, right? Okay, I should explain it how the story begins. This matter happened on yesterday, during lecture class, we are late to class actually, found a few seat and sit down quickly because the lecturer was talking about the replacement class.

            I did not listen probably because i was busy doing some stuff  at the same time. The last words i heard from lecturer is 3/3/2012. I started panic, because I need to go back my hometown to attend L-E-E-H-O-M concert which falls on 3/3/2012 at stadium merdeka. I asked Cherry about the date, and she told me there have mid term on that day. I was like WHAT THE----------------------TOOT! I wonder she are tricking me or what. I started to ask my surrounding friends. I don't know what benefit do Cherry gave to them, because they was like "P-A-K-A-T" together to talk lies to me. She even W-H-A-T-S-A-P-P Wen xian khor to tell her to pakat together. SWT.

            Okay, I doubt everything because it was like I-M-P-O-S-S-B-L-E larh! Their face expression are sooooooo (@.@). Okay, I was thinking some method to make them tell the TRUTH! Cry is the way and i started to push all my tears out to make them feel guilty and forced to tell the truth. Ngek ngek. Guess what, Cherry Yeoh knows me well, she know i did this to make her tell the truth, and she IGNORE IT and show me her NENINENIPUTPUT face to me. At the same time, she drew the so called "comic" to describe the situation. FINE, PLAN FAILED! nvm, I text Grace to comfirm the date whether got mid term or not. She told me there is no mid term for this subject and 3/3/2012 is our replacement class. YAY! Lastly, Cherry Yeoh die dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't want to admit she's lying to me and die dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't want tell me the truth! CHI DA BIAN LARH!

Cherry Yeoh, Lim Shu Fern, Melvin Navin, Cruz Goh. REMEMBER IT!
Special person----->Wen Xian Khor, thanks for telling me the truth. You Knew It!  HA-HA-HA

-Story end-

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