Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday, I told myself i am gonna post about this once i got my new toy today. Double-S is my new toy which is a digital camera model of canon S95. I wish to get a camera for a long long time ago, and finally my dream come true. Thanks to my lovely daddy a.k.a personal Santa Claus for Ying, who sponsor me quite a big amount of it which i don't actually pay so much for it. Thank you so much and i love you. He don't read my blog, that's why i am so shy-less to shout so loud at here like nobody cares! Honestly, Honestly, this is my first camera in my life, and i guess Double-S will be responsible to help me take all the good memories. To record down how cherist moment i had been before. Besides that, I don't request a good camera like DSLR from daddy because i am not PRO in taking photoosss, yet i am NOT NOOB too! Middle stage of taking photoss!!What i want is "CONVENIENT". Easy come and easy go. That's the point. So, this camera is enough for me because Double-S is small and can function well in "everything" I guess so. Muacks! Love it so much!

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