Friday, August 6, 2010

Sickness really kills me.

i wanted to transfer my course from business information system to public relations. I am not good in calculation, and i hate maths alot alot! But somehow, i need to study maths for this semester to repeat my failed subject on semester 1 which is General Math 1 and Principles of Economics. Regardless of how much I hate maths, but I still need to accept the fact and put alot efforts on it. Believe readers will know that i am weak in english, a lot grammer mistakes or even BROKEN ENGLISH?From now onwards, i wanted to improve my english by watch english movies, hear english songs, or even read newspaper?"The most important things is conversations" Andrew said. Ya, i agree with that. I will try to do those things when i am free.

I haven't been home in one week now. How i wish i can go back today. =( At least go back home, my mum will take care of me! =) no doubt, i am still a BIG CHILD! I need people to take care of me when i am SICK!! Can you guess what's words can i describe it in kampar's whether? Its too FREAKING HOT. Most of the utarian are getting sick included ME. I am getting sick for so often, maybe mine antibody is not strong enough-(WEAK).
My nose kept flowing, and i got no others way to control it except keep wipping my nose! Damn annoying!

P/s: Read it and click it! Thank you.( Drink more water, my readers!)

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