Friday, August 27, 2010

Final exam is around the corner.

As you know, my final exam is coming soon. I already prepared some of the subject but then haven't fully understand it. I am trying my best to understanding all the notes except math(because math need pratice ma). I am too playful since 3 sems ago, and i need to change it already. Some of them is so freaking hardworking but not me larH. Told ya, my style is like this, tat's why my result like that. >.< haha. Somehow, i feel want to burn the notes and drink it, so i can keep the WORD in my mind forever and no need to study. So sorry, i am daydreaming again, come back to the fact then. Utar is quite competative university ,i need some energy to push me to run faster than others. Its not the time for me to "Mo Tang Mo sai".I wanted to run abit faster than now. Although my run speed is just like a tortise. Buy me a Car then, maybe will run abit faster? Myvi is enough for me, daddy. My birthday is around the corner. ^^ Ops, i am out of topic again...come back come back~The only sentence always appear in my mind, "Slow and Steady ma" . I always take this sentence to my heart, and now, i knows i am thinking the wrong side already. Some of the people or maybe some of the things suitable on the sentence, but definitely not me! Ya right, i am thinking the wrong side already.

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