Monday, August 23, 2010

Not the end of the world

I love to be and i like to be. What should i say? What topic should i discuss today? Ya, Love. Would you ever try before failed in love? I mean "Sat luin" ? Your another part might leave you and you couldn't control your mind to miss him? Do you feel before the feeling? If you got the feeling before, you should know how suffering is it. But i wanted to tell you, if you really get this kind of problem, please dun try to end your life like this. Not worth it okay? I cannot say stupid on you because the feeling is really bad when you feel lost something of your life. Think of your family, think of your friends, think of this wonderful world, although sometimes the world is really sucks! hahaha. The road that being hurt is quite long for some of us, but think of your future, a REAL man/woman who waiting you infront of it. So, don't think negative side, always look at the bright side. Cheer up guys! =)

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