Monday, August 2, 2010

July 22th (Wednesday)
So sorry readers, it been so long i never update my blog, I hope my blog not yet become death fish.hahaha! I got alot things wanna share with you all , but i couldn't find a time to blog, because most of the free time, i went to meet Mr. Zhou. I am sick since last week ago, untill now still haven't recover yet. So now, do you know why i always meet Mr.Zhou and couldn't find a free time? I think you got the answer!And now, finally i got the time to blog already, and also the mood! Clinique star tour 2010 had came to our campus on last thursday, I got the news from Pui yee.Thanks pui yee! Me, Lin Yun and Pui yee decided to have a try on it, since they helped us to make up , set up our hair and got professional photographer to help us to take photo.
Ops, too far!
Zoom abit nearer~!
We bought the Rm30 voucher at the booth and i am no.127, and the current number was just no.92.=.=.(After 3 hours...) Finally~ was our turn!!
Those make up workers must be very tired already, they works from morning to evening~Couldn't image how exhausted they are!!
Oh, forgot to mention, got two theme for us to choose. We choose Fresh and natural theme for our make up.Of course, I won't forget to take photo before make up.
Dark circle!!!

Deng deng deng deng~~
This is the outcome!!
(After make up)
That's all for the day~!

July 22th (Thursday)
My stomach woke me up early in the morning on that day, I am tired but i force to wake up to find some FOOD to feed my stomach.Urghh~~ After that, i went to meet Mr. Zhou again. Guess what happened next? I forced to wake up again. I went in toilet to do business. Guess how many times i enter toilet? 4 times!!! urghh, i am totally exhausted and its time for me to see a doctor since i am sick for few days ago. In the evening, we went for the onefm, in chinese we called it as yi hao qi bing. We played the game and won alot of prizes~
one fm
My prize~
mtv world stage live in malaysia 2010 ticket.

p/s: Special thanks to Apple gave me her ticket.

July 23th (Friday) home sweet home
Went back Klang. =)

July 24th (Saturday)
Went to Mtv world stage concert at sunway lagoon surf beach. Is a rainy day, we get wet after enter to the main entrance. Stand for 7 hour under the rain, is quite suffering when standing but i am enjoy the concert.I feel quite uncomfortable when standing at there.The concert is actually awesome, but maybe i am too tired to enjoy it. Let's the photo replace my words.>.<. Quite lazy to continue it by words..hahaha alot people q up~waiting to go in~
people mountain people sea~
leelian, me and han wei~

P/S:To see more photo, please refer to my facebook.thankiew!

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