Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 20th

Happy PAPA day!! Went to Nyonya Kitchen to celebrate PAPA day~I love my PaPa very much, i dun dare to say at real life but i do really love you~ My PaPa never beat me beforee~~~I could see that he love me so much~Thanks PaPa! I love you so muchiee from the depth of my heart. PaPa, you are the BEST PaPa in the world!~ =)

June 21st
I am Sick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am so Sick!!! Flu and cough finally comes to me.I really hate it so much!! Pls go away , cough and flu!!! i don't need you, please don't come find me anymore ~ please..GO AWAY ! SHOOOOO!

June 22nd
Should i go and see doctor???

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