Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long long post~

1st of june
Let me start about my new room first~Finally, i got my personal room already~ hehe ^.^ Those who have read my blog , believe you will know that I will shift to single room from a double room. My new room looks big! Let's see~My messy Bed~ahahaha
The room is Big right?

3rd of june
Today is not my day , how unlucky i am. Today is my first class of sem 4, i forgot to bring my purse.After class, Pui yee said she want to go back and fetch lin yun along to have our dinner together. And of cuz, i won't forget my purse, i went to my room and get my purse.My brain keep thinking "take purse take purse" and the unlucky point comes~I left my key in my bed and i forgot to take~~~~~~~~~AH!!!!*BANG* The door closed~!few minutes later, i only realise that i forgot to bring out my KEY!DAMN IT!After our dinner, i went to agent house to get the spare key for my room,but the agent say the key at her car,and her car just sent to repair.=.=" She phone the key man to come and open the Lock, but the key man didn't pick the phonee...Alamakk..On this occasion, my slipper spoil...WOHOOOOOOO.Damn SUEY wey!!Tonight, i got room, but cannot enter.Pity me~So, i went to pui yee house and sleep.
4th of june
In the morning, the key man come to my house and open the lock~~ and the key man said, alot student also same case wif me, after my door open, he still need to go other house and open lock.LOL! He charge me Rm20.00 for the open lock.EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!A few hours later, the washing machine man come to repair our washing machine.The washing machine still under warranty, so no need to charge any fee to repair it.Oh ya, i hear apple say that chow yang already comfirm that he going setapak to continue his futher study.
Today,is the last day he stay at kampar.
5th of june
Went to Ghany to have our breakfast/farewell with chow yang.After that, we sit chow yang's car to bus station to start our journey to KL.
The bus delay half an hour only start the journey to KL~ISH.
SS sin~
(Continue...) We reach there about 12pm i think if i am not mistaken. So, where should i continue now?Hee, Sit 3 hours journey bus already,my stomach playing drum already, Yes! i am hungry ! We went to expresSoup to have our lunch. This is the first time i try this.The bread very special .They make the bread look like a bowl, so that can put the soup into the bread.It' s delicious~but i cannot finish it,because eat much you will feel like wanna vomit.

WooHoo,the soup ~~~
And then, we went shopping after lunch...SS again at fitting room hahaha.Times square, Sungai Wang,Pavillion and KLCC in ONCE A DAY~
We went to Pavillion to have our dinner at carl's junior
=.=.This burger is delicious than McDonald one and Burger King. Really~ i don't talk lies~It's cost me rm20.00.Readers can go take a try once you at Pavillion shopping.Hee.After that , Chloe said she want to go Hilton and Meridian hotel's toilet to have a look~End up we take photo at there hhahaha.i like this photo the most~ I like my posing so much man!
Went back at 9.45pm by train to kampar.I not really like one day shopping at so many places.Rush here rush there, don't even can see stuff nicely~This is the first time, also the last time for one day shopping at so many shopping complex.

p/s:I am Soh Ying Ying, i miss my home!

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