Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moral Kempen Euthanasia.

As i mentioned before i will update my moral presentation, and since i am free right now, so i update it now.Hehe So, let's start now.hahaha, we always love to start our assignment or presentation on last minutes, that's us! So, we start our rehearsal at two days before the real presentation.These is the backstage photo. Hope you will enjoy it.She is one of our actor-Bao Zhou Po.The bayi koma.DaTou and terry~We are prearing those tools.She is busying doing the slide.
The talk show group~
Start rehearsaling~What am i doing~ hahahah. I feel like sleeping on that moment. See, my panda eyes appear already!!Appreciate the moment stay with you all. Love ya.Let's the photo draw on my post.I am discussing with them about the drama, NOT bullying ah~Professional me! *be hiao ba-ing*Group photo!

Before the presentation starts, we need to prepare our tools and the tables~ The poster!
Our drama actors~The actor-Cheong Gei who work at the Kasino.(G.Keong)The actor-Bayi Sotong.(Sotong)The actor-The man and the woman.(Wai yee and Jia yi)
The actor- Man(Wai Yee)The actor-Woman(Jia yi).The actor-Robbery(Kevin)The actor-Doctor(me)The actor-Gangster(Terry, juneling and DaTou).I am so lazy to type words~~~forgive me please.stand till so straight! lols
Huai Ren~
The woman sit till so rude.
Make up-ingChanging heels~
The mirror. =)
Dr. Soh~
The cheque.

The nerd style~
Ying-don't want choy you dy laa~~
Kevin- kns! me too~
The talkshow begins~

Group photo again~

cute siah hahahaa
On the next day, we went to ghany for the last gathering before i going back klang.

Try our best to block DaTou~

While we at Mcd.
And the next station-Westlake.

Before we went back to our own hostel, take a group photo sin~ The clock is showing 6am~ LOLS.


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