Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flynn Rider aka Eugene.

Hey Peeps, what's up? Firstly, feel so sorry that never update my blog for these few days? I wanted to update my blog almost everyday but the ideas never pop out on my mind! And today finally i got things to blog about it already. Yesterday had a brunch with my besties at a restaurant which famous with their "Pai Kut Peng". After that, we went to watch a movie called" Rapunzel". It's a cartoon. The story talk about a lost princess that kidnapped by a bad woman. The Rapunzel has a magical hair. When she sing, her hair will turn gold and shining. The bad woman kidnapped her because her hair will let the bad woman stay young forever. It's a funny cartoon actually. Their face expression, their action will make you laugh out really LOUD! hahaa. So, go it have a watch! No lies, it's really awesome! hahaha

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