Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally i got things to update already!! Went to government clinic yesterday which located at Port Klang. Oh yea i just wasted one ringgit for my X-ray. Damn cheap right? hahah!!! I am sick since few days ago and i also need to do the health examination which required by UTAR. For every new intake, the health examination is compulsory. zzzz!!! The health examination only required chest X-ray only so we nonit to X-ray the whole body.As i mentioned before, i got a seriously backache and i went to see the doctor to check about my backbone. And this is the report for my backbone.Senget? yeah senget =.=!!!
And this is my Chest X-ray~~lols. So, i will be at home whole day because the medicine that doctor gave is damn bloody Sleepy~ =)

End post with this "sleeping photo". =)

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