Friday, December 17, 2010

Bell rings~

Ding ding dong ding ding dong~ Ho Ho Ho~ Merry Xmas. Times flies by a blink of an eyes. Just like we are racing with the time. No matter how fast we run, we will always become the loser. Sigh..Till the end of the month, i recall back alot memories between us-Not others but Utarian, foundation crazy fellas, the friends i know in Utar. So glad to say that i am so proud to know you guys. Really! I love being with you all sometimes. The jokes, the funny action, the "lamb" chop and many many more. Appreciate alots man! I cannot list it out the name here because it is too much for me to list it down. You! the one who reading my blog. Thanks for being my friend! Once if i'll become the old woman, i couldn't recall back my memories, but still, the photoss and blog are still remains. So, this post will be the past and i will definitely loves my past. Trust me!The happy memories, the sad memories, will always stay in my heart forever and ever.Last but not least, good luck to those who sitting for examination. Think for our future and Do our best in the exam. Cheers!

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