Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday is "POP CORN" Day~

MBO cinema -Harbour Place.Had a great time with my bestie-Leelian to watch 2 movie in a day. And this movie is suggested by Thiam Hock. Finally i watch it!! Hahaha. A very funny movie and this is acted by malaysia actor and also singapore actor. The only one singapore actor! LOLS..We watched this movie at 12pm and the movie end at 1.30pm. And who knows, the room only have 4 person watch only, included me and leelian. hahaha.After our lunch, we went for another movie- Narnia 3 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I had been waiting this movie for very long ago. That day, i wanted to watch this but my FRIEND -ONG TUN SEAN don't want to watch, so end up watch Rapunzel!!!! And this time, i won't run the opportunity to watch this. Ngek ngek~Thumbs up for this movie!!! Love lots!
I love Narnia so much, the story is so fantasy. I cannot wait for Narnia 4 dey!! and i hope got Narnia 4 Lorrrrr!! Haven't watch this movie yet?? Grab your pop corn now!!! =) Thumbs up thumbs up!

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