Sunday, December 5, 2010

GreenBox with my JiMuis~

Lame post again? No way! I am sick of those post already. So, this will be my outing post again. The day before yesterday, i was in Klang and of course i will be outing again and i don't wish to stay at home to be "babysitter"? No way!! I am boring with it already! Duh~We went to Aeon jusco to sing k and lucky ya i have bring my student id card although the card was already expired. Luckily the girl never saw it, if not i think i will pay for the normal price and the price is around Rm20+ and the student price was only Rm11.50. Could you see the different? LOLS!=)
The room was cold~ and i need a sweater to warm me up.With pretty Xuan~
With the lovely Jo.
Yeah, i know i was look like so happy.With the so sweet LeeLian~
Me and xuan- The background.
A sweet gang~While singing~
Wan qi too "high" already~
Not a perfect group photo because without Jo. =(

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