Monday, August 29, 2011

All about Tokyo...

Tokyo, what you think about Tokyo when the words comes to your mind?? Japan's capital? or anything else? Today, i am here to bring you to
street in Pavilion, KL.
Please put on your seatbelt before the plane fly~
camwhore in the so-called aeroplane. We will depart a while more. Please be patient.
after a while,we reached!
Tokyo Street!
Anytime, anywhere we will hold tight our camera to take photo, because we believe photo is all about our memories. It is a long term memories, we will never forget it once we getting older and older.
wohoo, same height!!! Lovely wan xuanAll of us had our lunch at our home, except Wan xuan, she was suffer the hunger from the starting, and she finally cannot stand the hunger and went to ginza cafe to buy some bread. Pity her~We are craving some snack because our mouth was itchy at that moment. and finally, we get attracted by a shop - MOCHI SWEETS. The shop was full of people and most of the mochi already sold out. DAMN IT! By the way, do you guys know what is mochi? Mochi is a japanese rice cake made of glurinous rice. Some kind of mua ji as what we always bought it from pasar malam or petaling street. So we decided to have a try on it although there are some flavour already sold out.
She is Q-ing up to buy the mochi. Waiting for our mochi~ (We need to wait half an hour only can eat the mochi because all of the mochi are frozen.)
The flavour that we bought.
Feel thirsty? let's buy a drink first before continue our step.
OCHADO, the drinks are familiar with chat time that located at sunway pryamid.
Discusing what to drink.
Ordered one pudding milk tea for myself.
With Jo.
With Xuan.
This is what my bubble tea look like. Where's the pudding?
Their reaction after drink the milk tea.
Got that nice or not wor? Let me try it first.
Nice wey!!! when you suck it, the pudding will followed it with the tea. Thumbs up!
This shop is just opposite the ochado. Selling many kinds of lomo camera.
Lomo lovers, you can search camera over here.
Time passed very fast, it's already 7pm. It's time for us to find some food to fulfil our stomach. Dine in at??? Every restaurants was so full because of the buka puasa and we couldn't find a restaurants that can fits 6 person in Aduihaiz~
Walked to see whether which restaurants have not much people, and finally we found it. SAKAE SUSHIOrdered our food.while waiting the food to be served, camwhore again!Still remember what we bought just now? the mochi, and we try it at sakae sushi. LOL!The chocolate flavour.The Yam flavourThe Peach Flavour.
Leelian, nice or not?let me try on it first. ARM!!!My one is SAKURA flavour, i don't know how to describe the taste. Not as i though, the mochi so so only, nothing special about it. The picta shows that its look delicious but now i understand what is the meaning of illustration purpose. K-N-SHock was so hungry and he is the first one to order the meals. lol
YEAH! food served. Yummy!
Yum yummmm~I forgot what's this sushi called alr.
When hock eat this, he was describing how nice, how delicious of this sushi. Please look at his reaction. LOL
What girls usually do in toilet? Other than pee and make up, we will never miss out to take photo in the toilet.
Saw this in farenheit. Stop it and CIK-CHAK!
On the way to car park.

That's all for my tokyo post, thank you guys.

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