Saturday, August 13, 2011

As Known as Backstage.

As i mentioned before, i will post up my sucks life here again. Somehow, I found out there is also have the fun things for my course. Here is it. After the prom night, there will be my press conference presentation for PR Writing subject. Today, i will just post up the backstage for the press conference and the next post will be the press conference. =D I don't remember when is it, but this is the day that we are rushing for the SO-CALLED MOUNTAIN ASSIGNMENTS. What we are actually doing there? To take photo for our Poster "i Know What You Did".
Quite Scary right?
I am the make up artist, to help them make up. I apply the "bedak sejuk" to her face, to make sure her face is white/fair enough to look like the ghost.
He is Max, who are the director for "I Know What You Did" movie.
Not satisfied with the photo, NG alot time. And finally we came out wit a perfect photo. I will show up the successful poster to the next post later.
Playing around.
Did you see anything scary?
Another fail one!
I wanted to pick this for our main poster, but there is no main character inside the photo. so..
Our rehersal~
The whiteboard is so dirty~~yucks
The Live Camera~
Wai Yee~Look like superstar that interview by the reporter hahaha.
Cherry Yeoh~
They are sam pat. i know hahaha
The cloth for the table and chair. Thanks to Linda's friend for the sponsor.
luan sui was testing the video cam.
They are discussing how to paste this and that.
The flower that they prepared for the press conference.
Penny and Tina.
Cherry and me.
I though want to tie this hair for the main day, but..grace failed to do so.. hahaha
She actually trying her best to help me but...
The spot light..Am i look like butterfly? haha?
Thanks for Melvin for the equipment. =D
He is so concentrate of plugging this and that.
The backdrop~Please look at the middle girl there, She posing there while they are discussing how to paste the poster. HAHAHA!! HEE!!!

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