Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chocolate Fondue.

Gathering with friends again. Feel so sick about yam cha already, and this time we decided to change abit our "yam cha" location. Chocolate dip at Han Wei's house.

Thank you to both of them to help us melt the chocolate. Tiring job. ahaha

stirring the chocolate.


Yummy yummy~ all of them are so tam chiak~



After that, mahjong time~ Ah Kiat, i though you already quit for gambling? why are you doing there then? hahaa

Guess what's happen next? Josephine's car cannot start the engine, and all the guys included the girls help her to push the car to another side.hahah That's what friends suppose to be. Yeehee! Love ya forever my bestiee!!!

*Should organise another gathering some other day. =D waiting for the nxt gathering like this.

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