Saturday, August 20, 2011

Genting Highland~

Loha, I am finally back to action! Few days never update my blog already, miss me? i know you don't! pheww~ who cares! Today, i wanted to blog about my genting highland trip. So, what you waiting for? Scroll down!!
Woke up early in the morning, not 8am but 5am to get all things done. Wey, i still can hear the bird chirp-ing around okay? What i mean early, its mean really early. HA-HA-HA!
Before we start our journey, had our breakfast at MCDONALD to make sure our stomach shut up all the time in the car.
Q-ing up to buy his breakfast!
The Girls~
The Driver of the day- Cherry.
On the way to Genting~
After a few hours, we finally reach! YAY!
Nice view ~
Both of them are buying the outdoor theme park ticket.
The Ladies~
Don't know what to write about already. So, let the photo do the talk.
Shu Fern, Cherry and me!
With the lovely Cherry and Chee Ann.

Oh ya, i should talk about this, we met a cute little girl at the theme park, she is wearing a H-U-G-E polar bear hat, cute isn't it?
Of course, i won't run the opportunity to take photo with the little polar bear! HA-HA!
The Spinner~ Woohoo!!!
Waiting for the Sungei Rejang Flame Ride. The game was so FUN!!
End up, everyone wet!!!
Take photo in everywhere!!
The 2 sweet couple of the trip!
Flying dragon.
The lovely Chee Ann.
Group photo!!!
After that, had our dinner at Curry in Hurry. Don't want to talk much about it, because the price was so disappointing us. H-A-I-H!
Lepak around ~
Camwhore again~
Finally, our leg was tired, let's take a seat and rest first!
You know what we actually looking at?

Met our local artist Henley in Genting Muahhaha! Unbelievable! We are lucky! yihee!
Brush our teeth before BED!!
The night view.
The morning view.
They are sleeping like a pig!
She woke up early in the morning, couldn't sleep for whole night because its too noisy in the hotel, not because of our voice, but some other things~ @@ I was awake after that because i cannot stand for the cold.
As what people usually say, early bird catches the worms. So , me and Wen Xian went for the FREE breakfast! The others was SLEEPING! shhh, Wen xian, let's move!
Do we look real ??

Camwhore in the car again. Time flies, its time to go back already~~ Sien~
Let's end the post with this! Bye bye!

p/s: Waiting for another happy trip, guys!


pandaweiwei said...

hope to go trip at genting too~
I'm just back from Cameron~

YingYing said...

hahaha yeah, i also want to go cameron lea~~ =D


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