Monday, August 8, 2011

Paparazzi Prom Night

Yello! Time flies, and finally come to the August, what so special about this month? Not my birthday month, then what so special? Come to the charity, i will never run this opportunity to donate money, meanwhile can attend the prom night. Prom night is an event that cannot miss out in uni life. So, i attended.
The entrance ticket for paparazzi prom night.
The story begin.
What so special about this prom night? As the name already mentioned, paparazzi prom night. If we attended the prom, there will be a lot paparazzi surrounded you. You can enjoy the "flash light" and those capture picture sounds. Interesting right?
One of the paparazzi, special thanks to him to help us take so many nice photo.
Let the photo do the talk.
Please see the middle guy.. Do you see any "yeng" feel on him? No right? hahaha!
Couple One
Couple Two
Everyone so high~
The Sexy Dancer!
The Prom King and Prom Queen~ woohooo~
uui, i look so ugly in this photo~.~
Take photo with pretty Kai Sun.
The commitee of the event. Sze Fook A.K.A sifu.
With Lobak Yong.
followed by the Lovely Ivy~
My new "boyfriend" ~~ TAENNY!!!!
Apple Jun
Wish to learn violin for so long, plan to get a violin lesson for myself, but then i cannot manage my study time, so end up give up~
Look very tall right? Because i am wearing 4 inch high heel~
Camera time again~
Finally, the prom had comes to the end.
Before went back, we take a group photo for our gang, but then there are two person missing, one is the camera man, another one is Pei Feng~ so, this photo no counted as quan jia fu. =(
Lastly, one more to myself.
My finger nail design for the prom night.
Guess what, we spend almost 5 hours to dress up, make up and everything to become as pretty as fairy for the prom. KUA ZHANG RIGHT? Yeeehee~i know. HAHAHA!
End this post with this photo! Good Day Guys!

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