Monday, August 15, 2011

Press Conference Movie Launching.

Before i start, I would like to explain why we choose this horror-comedy movie genre as our press conference topic, i think most of the chinese people will guess it correctly, this is because of the chinese culture ghost month. We wants the people to know don't simply act ghost to prank people in real life. Click HERE for the movie trailer.
And this is our poster for the movie-I Know What You Did.
The press conference begin in a minutes.
Live Cam.
Open ceremony equipment.
Ready for everything.
Let's START! First of all, let's invite the VVIP to come in.
He is the bodyguard for CEO.
CEO~ gaya betul Tina~
the second one is Cherry Yeoh-Producer.
Followed by Max-Director(Jack Neo)
And the last one is Me and Linda who play a role on main character and supporting character.
No eye see! >.<
After that, is the TUA LIAP LANG give speech. I am just the most not important(kelefeh) people in VVIP, so i nonit to give speech. =D
After the VVIP giving speech, the nxt one is Open Ceremony~
Then, we are invited to sit at another side to watch the trailer. To watch the trailer, Click Here
Q/A section~
CEO was answering the question that asked by reporter.
ask ask ask, answer answer answer. Total up have 10 question from the reporter.
Lastly, the press conference had come to the end.
balik balik~
Its time for Photoshooting section!!! Thanks to Cruz for helping us be the bodyguard. =D
Cherry(Producer) and me!
Melvin(Mc) and Ying~
So proud to take photo with Tina( CEO ).
Penny and Kian. Special thanks to kian for helping us be the helper for our press conference.
Me and Linda( main character ).
With the lovely Grace~
Handsome Kian and mee~
So proud to take photo with the FAKE Jack Neo hahahha!
Omg, my hair colour so obvious!Damn ugly wey!
They are always so cute!
Me and Chee Ann.
The funny guy i had met since last sem! Terry RON.
My lovely Groupmate.
They are always so playful. Stay playful~
The girls~
Lastly, not forget to take a group photo. Thanks alot, my groupmate. Memorable presentation.
HAHaha! Leg pain wey~

Synopsis of "I Know What You Did"

This movie is a horror comedy storywhich has the combination of a Singaporean and also a Malaysian story line. The storyline of the movie includes a girl(Ying Ying), where she joins a new university to study and her housemate(Linda) likes to play pranks on her(Ying Ying). One day, something really bad happenedtill it was beyond anybody’s expectation. The movie includes mind blowing suspens that basically lingers aroundthe life of this girl who happens to enrol in a new place with new people around and new paranormal things occuring.

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