Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enchanted FairyTale Prom Night.

Hey peeps! Long time no see~~ As usual, times flies a blink of an eyes~ Time is always not enough for me when i am busying doing something instead i need more than 24 hours to complete my works. Tho, when holidays come around me, i feel like time passing like a turtle. Contradictions of me dey~hahaha! Ok, i should stop crapping here and let starts the post. My dress~~~Last Saturday, i went to a prom night which i am the commitee of the society of Art and Craft. The prom night which held at Grand Kampar Hotel. This is my very first time to attend the prom and yeah, the feeling was bloody hell awesome!!! I wish to go for the second time if have this kind of prom again.
They are commitee members, my new friends~~~ Their dress is pretty awesome. Leng luisssssssssss~~~Especially the wearing purple gown one, i love that gown alot.=) The background was decorated with balloons and this is a special design by our chairman- Jacky.
The Program Leader, my leader- Jessie! She is pretty when put on the make up.
I forgot what's her name already. One of my new friend.
Again, new friend~
The guy- Ching Hong, the right side-Michelle.
Josheen Ma~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ignore my face! hahahhah exicted face! lols!A girl who name LeeNa~ finally i remember your name.The commitees~

Before i end the post, i would like to thanks to the chairman and the program leader. They teach me alot of things and i learn alot of things too! Billion thanks to them. Yea, i know they wouldn't read on my post but i thanks them with my deep of my heart. Thank you!

P/s: Next, i will update about my presentation. Stay tuned!

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