Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She said

I am here again. *winks winks* Woke up early in morning, not as early as yesterday, feel my body so stick with the bed and blanklet, mind was empty, woke up and then lying to the bed again. The leg was not willing to stand up, but my mind was motivating me to wake up to attend the class!URghh, the alarm clock was so annoying at that time. Feel like wanted to throw it into the dustbin but i couldn't do that, because that's my BAOBEI iphone. @@ Okay, what to post today? Let's talk about what the lecturer speaks today. Ms.Gan says, many Utar students died on last year, if you are utar students, i think you will heard it before the news, Three students of the Utar drowned after they were swept away by a sudden torrent of water at the Batu Berangkai waterfalls(if i am not mistaken the place) in Kampar. She said, one of the victim was her student, she feel sad about the case and she advice us not to take the risk to waterfall instead of playing water in Sunway lagoon. When she talk about this, i saw the tears rolling in her eyes. The story made me think of my friend-Chloe. She had pass away last year.She give up everything in degree just to change the course to the public relations. She suppose to take the same course with me on this semester, but who knows the god had taken her away from us. =(

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