Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comes to my mind.

I am a university person, and still i am a young-active-happy Teenager. I won't waking up late today, and i will definately won't waste my precious holiday. I will make the day more meaningful others than study.Ciao~By the way, Happy Thaipusam. A outing post with "fever gang" in 2011.We went to watch Homecoming(笑着回家) and great day(天天好天) once a day. Tiring my eyes, both movie also touching. I recommend it! FANTABULOUS!!!!!i am not wasting any tisu to wipe my tears there because i am a greener! *winks winks*

Infinity Love:
Mum: Daughter, i feel so heart pain when i bought a cloth that cost me Rm150 for myself. It's expensive.
Daughter(Me): Mum, don't feel heart pain about it, one year one time, new year marhx~
Mum: But i will feel the pain larh, haih.
Daughter: Mummy, why you didn't feel any heart pain when you bought me a dress that cost us Rm90? That dress is normal only, not very special also.
Mummy:Dear, if mummy bought you a things that you like, i will never feel heart pain. You are my daughter, I love you more than love myself.
Daughter: Mii, why you love me more than love yourself, why don't you love yourself more than me.
Mummy: Dear, you 'll know when you become a mother.
Daughter: Hmmm..Mummy i love you. =)

(I am planning to buy a watch for my mum.) When this situation comes on my mind, i will feel that she's giving me her infinity love. Mii, i love you. I know you won't get to see my bloggie, because it's english unless got people kepoh go speaks to you. Ish!

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