Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 GO GO GO!!!

New year, New life, and also a New Ying Ying! The year past just like a lightning~I wish i could stay at the past but this is definately a stupid thinking! Yeah right! Actually I wanted to update my xmas and new year post, but my hand will never try to be hardworking after the exam. Yo! My loyal readers are running to the other side but not here! T.T sad~~~I felt so guiltyyyyyyyyyyy! So sorry! Okay, let me to tell ya a good news to begin the post. I am successfully transfer course from Business Information System to Public Relations already!=) *Peace* I think i should set a target for me to achieve, i could not be a lazy girl like last time already. Can-not! 3 flat is enough for me actually. Cannot aim 2 flat because 2 flat is like... a danger line for me? So wish me luck then. =) Good nights!

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