Tuesday, January 18, 2011


To increase my nuffnang traffic, to maintain my reality readers, to improve my english, i think i should update my blog very frequently. Honestly, i am Lazy. To achieve my target 3 flat, i think i should do it as well. First of all, i would like to say, congratulation to me myself for upgrading to degree already. As i mentioned before, i am successfully graduated my foundation already. Well, first day of degree, nothing special about it, no more a bunch of friends, only have 2 friends same course with me. I should be unhappy or happy? Don't know. My life will goes tougher and tougher, and i need to be a NERD here to study from here to there, from there to here. I guess so. But still i 'll know the things i do now will benefits for my future. That's enough. Bitter first, sweet later. So, guys~Let's fight to the end. =) Go go GO!

Love Life <3

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