Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nothing to post about today. Because i am totally dunno what i am doing here right now. That's why i am here. Hahaha. It's boring-hot-melt day.Spend 2 hour playing " Chor Dai Dee" with my housemate, to make the time goes faster as well.What should i do in Kampar now? No movies, no shopping.With this kind of life, i can say my life is-so NON-meaningful. Well, i know the coming weeks is busy for me, and i need to start my study and the super-duper-thick book/notes. Promised myself to study every night so that i won't carry" Guanima's leg" when the exam is around the corner. I bet this promise can really be a promise because i promised "her" and "them" not to ruin my future and get a very berry good result for them. Okayy, seems like nothing to post about already, bye peeps! have a nice day!


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