Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i Squeeze!!!

What i usually said, worm is for early bird.Successfully found a seat for myself in the bus. Woke up early in the morning to wait bus and the bus comes at 7.17am. YingYing woke up early in the morning because of waiting bus, no such things! You do not believe it but this is a fact! You forced to , you need to, you must to believe it! For the last time, i don't even can wakeeee up so early to attend those ANNOYING classes instead of SKIP class. But for now, i am a good-hardworking girl. No more late sleep life, no more mamaks, no more wetting outside till midnight and so on. Well, what is the benefits for waking up early? Good for health of course, breakfast is not going to miss it everyday, can hear the birds chirping around from here to there,from there to here,breath of fresh air and the main things isss, i got the seat in the bus! LOLS. I stayed at harvard, there are not much bus come over harvard so there is the only bus which is 7.17am in the morning. The bus came to harvard FIRST only go westlake. See the picture above, there are so many people waiting for the bus at westlake, some of them successfully squeeze into the bus, some of them failed to squeeze in, perhaps some of them are just standing there to wait another bus to come. hahaha! okay, i should stop here now. Bye peeps!


Lobakto said...

7.17am....still sleeping tat time lo...

YingYing said...

i told you what, you dun1 believe me only.


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