Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kong ming Deng.

Yesterday went to pasar malam to search for my dinner. While i am searching the food, i saw the there are someone selling kong ming deng (Lantern of Kong Ming-which we can called it as chinese lantern. Chinese new year is coming soon, so i bought one to play play.

Wrote our wishes on it.=)Group photo before sending the chinese lantern to airborne.Sending the Chinese lantern to the airborne. Not only us sending the chinese lantern, but others too.lalala~~Peace!Unfortunately, our lantern dropped at half way, because there got a hole on it. LAU HONG! They found and picked the lantern wishes, we decided to burn it but the paper is anti-fire one~ zzzzz so we cannot burn it KANASAI!
The chinese lantern, it also means fly lantern, loving lantern, kong ming lantern, health lantern, whatever you want called it as. It can fly to the sky like a kite. People usually write their wishes on the lantern and hope it can take their wishes to the sky and make their wishes come true. I don't know its true or not, but then this is our chinese traditional, i will follow the traditional because i am a traditional chinese people. hahaha! But then our lantern dropped at the half way, that's mean our wishes cannot come true lor? Sad~~~~~i am going to buy a new lantern again for my wishes to come true.

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