Friday, September 2, 2011

Eat, Study and Pray.

Yello guys, i am here again! Today, no more food pictures, no more silly photo for this post! *only this post arh* HA-HA-HA. As you all know, many people have their owns attitude when comes to the finals, right? i mean right? AM I RIGHTTTTT? *ans me pls* That is! To me, i like to post silly picture when i am bored with my studies, when my eyes is full of alphabet , followed by a lot of question marks. Don't you feel boring about the topics when lecturer didn't give us any tips or maybe any guideline and you need to read all of the topics/chaptersssss , included the thick-heavy text books?!! !@#$%^&* Okay, fine! Complain at here also no use, nothing will change after complain, isn't it? So, accept the facts and try our really-really *thousand of really* HARD for our finals and looks forward to our future!!! It's far enough, but i know when i step in a step, my future is nearer to me a step. True?? Somehow, 70% is from our efforts, so another 30% is come from where? Luck? or maybe god?*let's continue later* HA-HA. Today, i went to the Kampar nearest temple to pray, PRAY WHAT? pray to get a good result for my finals lorrrrr.. what else? *cont...* I pray hardly in the temple, I hope my finals will get a good results, because my previous sem result was so S**K, and i don't wish to repeated the same result again. I hope my dreams will come true, noooooooo! i mean my dreams result will come true although i know this is not really works if i don't give my real efforts on it. Just a seeking peace on my mind onlyyy. Cheh!!


Qasid said...

I like your blog it has some kind of unique sizzle
you are also welcome to my blog

Qasid said...

well one of your wishes is to make friends right so your new friend from pakistan is here
you are welcome to my blog

Qasid said...

Anonymous said...

hve a nice day..follow here. do hit me back ya.. :)
can we make friends??

Netoro said...

good luck with your finals!

YingYing said...

thanks netoro.
Eena: yea why not. my pleasure to be your friend.
Qasid: thanks wey! =D can can why not!


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