Monday, September 5, 2011


I just can't leave my blog during study weeks. Why arh?!Because i wanted to find something to do to avoid study. Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk is soooo sien already. Anybody can just post their current status at there. So people could comment it when the people are concern or maybe curious about you. For me, blogspot is always the best personal place for me to share something about with readers. Only me myself can post at this area. Wheeee~~~Mr. Thursday is coming nearer and nearer yet i am still enjoying my life here. W-T-H?!! I don't really understand what does "study" mean, i checked the definition from my phone and that's the result.------------------------>


So, readers, did you study today?

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sully86 said...

not yet final examinations...ahahah its not even midterms yet...ehehehehe


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