Wednesday, September 28, 2011

20ty birthday.

 Hey guys, i am turning one year older.I suppose to be happy or unhappy? Happy, because i am an adult. Unhappy because i am turning older!! Girls hate getting older!!!And this time my age will start with a TWO and i wish i am still in 8teen forever and ever.In facts, this will only happen in my dreams,indeed. But still i need to face the facts and is time for me to wake up from my sweet dreams. I am officially 20ty. Its a adult age and no more kiddo kiddo age already. I have been live for 20ty years, recalling back what i had did in this past 20 years? Sweet memory? Yeap! i have a lots! Bitter memory, i think this should keep for my further age, because i believe that my future will never be so sweet all the way. On the other hand, i also believe that i will get a good job in my future. As what i said before, what i did for today, is for my tomorrow, and the rainbow appears after the rain storm. i could make my dreams come true. Besides that, i did learn a lot from working, be a part timer before, waitress and a sale assistant too. In my working experience, i have learned to communicate with the society. Not to hide, this society is very very very cruel. I had met different kind of people, different faces when they met with different people. Be smart to act as a worker, you are not the king, don't act like a xiao jie at outside. People pay you salary, not to see your temper, is to see your sales. Understood? Ops, sounds like i have too much to talk about. This is not my main things laa.. lets move down...
Well, I think this should be a long long post. Be patient and read it carefully,because one word means a lot meaning for all of you. I love you my friend. I love my parents, i love everyone who knows me. Appreciate the friendship between us. 
Kiddo face vs Mature face? Yi-Hee!
By the way, i had my birthday celebration before my actual date of my birthday. It's held on last saturday. Here you go, the picture draw my post and it's interesting for me.
Be honest, i didn't mention anything arh, i am just too skinny to hide myself beside cherry. Also, i promised myself to getting a little bit of meat for my body. Encourage me to eat okay?! Ops, not to forget, thanks to thiam hock who actually act stupid and find a reason to leave the table and took the cake to me. BFF wey~
3 wishes for this year.
i.) I wish everyone stay healthy and happily forever, and also my family.( it's abit lame i know, promise me, take care yourself and stay healthy always please.)
ii.) I hope i can score well in my finalsss. Really! Please please!
iii.) *I will keep this for myself then *
Too bad i didn't actually take a full cake photo for it, and i found thiss pieces of cake in leelian's photo album. LOLS, so guys, imagine how the cake look like okay?
The pretty ladiesss and me myself.
The handsome gentlemen and me myself.
Guess what, they bought me KFC , and called me to open and eat it. I admint i am a bit naive larh, i though they really bought KFC for me to eat. *That is the present they bought for me, please ignore the KFC plastic bag, that's is not the mainnn point!*
Of course, i won't forget to take a group photo, its a memory to prove that i have a bunch of lovely friends. Really appreciate what they planned for me, and the present from them.
I am 20ty!
Found this and this is funny! HAHAHA
 This is the present i received from a best friend.  Let it be anonymous.
and this is from my bunch of friends. Thanks you so much. 

Ah HAR! i won't forget the people who wish me in facebook. Is so damn lot of peopleee wish me happy birthday and i am so glad to actually replying them one by one. =D thanks to my energy man! HA-HA-HA!

Last, but not least, for this year ahead, i hope i can become stronger to stay aliveeee for my study life. Ti-Hee~ and also, I am a step close to my future already! Soh Ying Ying, Jia you!!! Of course, throw away the bad attitude of me especially my bad temper, and i will learn those good attitudeee for myself. Yuhuu!!

Love myself and love everyone around me! 
Thanks to my parents for giving birth to me.
Be grateful that i am still alive and healthy to blogging here.

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