Monday, September 12, 2011

Full moon.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to my readers! Why we are celebrating this festival? What this festival means to us? The purpose of celebrating this festival is to chase off the ghost around us. This is what my mum told me since i was still a kid! And there is a story behind the festival. Go google it if you really wants to know what's the story is about.

I forgot how many time i didn't celebrate ZHONG QIU JIE with my family. Haha, cherry, you are right, we 'll never celebrate zhong qiu jie with family once we came in to utar!! But, luckily we have a bunch of friends here to celebrate together. Here you go.

Lantern lantern!
a bunch of "Mat Rempit" was there!

I look so weird in this photo!! ignore it please =P
I like this post wey! hahah
Candlee! we love candle and you can see we actually combine all the candle together to become the A alphabet. We hope everyone of us can get an A's for our finals! 
Hahaha, our hand is full of wax! Playing around with the wax.
Me and salt fish. act cool, and we failed to do it so. 
not good not good, don't show your middle finger please!
Cute little melvin! HA-HA-HA
HAHAHA what am i actually doing? 
Last, but not least, group photoooooooooooo =D

 HA-HA-HA, enjoy reading? i know you don't. Who cares? okay should stop here and need to continue my studies. Bye!

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