Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking Forward.

How daring i put this photo to frighten readers.
Somehow, this is the real me, although i edited the photo.

Loha guys, finally I am back to english post. I am pretty sure that you all miss my words right? I guess so.Yi-Hee! So, any hot news about me recently? Nope, still remain the same, EAT-STUDY-SLEEP-EAT-STUDY-SLEEP.Don't get me wrongly, this is just my temporarily lifestyle not permanent one okay? Boring about this? Don't close it, i want you to continue it and finish it the post.But why?because i say so. HEE! 

Awwww~ I miss the smell so sudden. Don't think it wrongly larhhh adui! I mean the smell from my home-Rice smell. I want to go back my home!! The place i always shout like nobody cares! No matter what larh, i still need to sit for my last paper which is held on next monday. After that, I can enjoy my almost-one-month sem break. So damn looking forward to my semester break, don't know how it could be. Eat-Play-Sleep-Shit. SOMEMORE?? Want to know more about my semester break lifestyle? Stay tuned for my updates. TEE-HEE! 

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