Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey guys, i think i should update something in my blog since i have nothing to do at at home. Well, as i said before i will find some jobs for myself during this semester break to fulfil my empty pockets. Yes, i did. Although the job was damn bloody hell tiring, no choice to complain because i couldn't find a job in klang valley area, so its so hard to say no to the job when your pocket are empty for a long long time ago. The paid was not really good enough because i have work for 13+ hours, middle of the work have 2 hours break and we are allowed to eat the dim sum at there for our so called Brunch. I guess most of the ladies couldn't handle the job because we need to carry the DAMN-HELL-HEAVY-BRICK-PLATE and sent it to every table. So proud that i am the exception. Teeheee!
During the 2 hours break, we have nothing to do, so we camwhore in the restaurant. Forgive us. I know it's fugly!

i am a professional waitress.Hermm...

I promised, i will updated more often. O=

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