Friday, November 12, 2010

Chloe's funeral at Kuantan.

First of all, i would like to share about Chloe's funeral at Kuantan. Billions thanks to those loyal readers who always support me and could find a free time to view my blog. We start the journey at 3.30pm from Kampar to Kuantan. That's mean, the sun is still on top of the sky. It's hot enough!
I am so tired, because last night i never sleep well. Yeah, because of thinking something. Although sleep in the van is not comfortable enough, but i still fall asleep in the van very soon. You can see how tiring i am. Ignore my face please, because i feel there is a ugly face inside the photo. =(Besides that, we also chit chatting in the van. And you know what, i was hungry at that moment because i didn't have my lunch yet. Thanks to Choon Yong which sponsor some snack for me to fulfill my stomach. Have a break at dunno dunno what place. Sat down and eat food. =)Still has a long way to go. =.=
Woots! We finally reach Kuantan and the clock is showing 10pm++. Went to the temple(i forgot the name already). Went to pray Wei Shan and she was like sleeping in the coffin. By the way, she looks so different with make-up. I never ever see her make up before. This is the first time, also is the last time. I will remember her make-up face in my mind. She's pretty! After that, we went to the beach. Finally i am here. Always hear pui yee say the beach how beautiful how nice.. Now, finally i can see it with my eyes, feel it with my heart, touch it with my hand. =)Jee Keong aka Zhi Qiang.
Chooi Han aka Han Han.Sometimes, their face expression bring me alot happiness.
Yi jing and Pui Yee.
We went back to Yi jing house and planned to overnight at her house. Surprisingly, her house is so big, sorry not big is huge! LOL!!! My dreams house dey!!!
There is a room just for watching television and Sing K. Woots!
Ivy is enjoying the massage. =) Hahaha
And ya, there are some "IDIOTS" went to kacau those fall asleep peoples, including me! Urghhh...
Don't spam !!!
Yi jing's pets.
In the morning, around 7am, we went to the temple again.
We are so tired!! All of us like laying on the table, we are so so so damn sleepy!
Went to the " burn corpse " place to burn the corpse.
After that, Wei Shan beloved dad invite us to have a vegetarian meal at the restoran.
and who knows, i just went to the toilet. and the plate was empty. The most appropriate description i can think of that behavior is hungry devils! Lols, you can look through the photo, i never lies! zzz
HAhaha! After our lunch, we went to beach again. LOLS! and you knows, a car that can fit 6 person.
No, no, included the two girls, is 8 person. Yeah!!!! nicee!
The beach.
Ice ice i love ICE!!
I am lazy to type words! Let the photo draw my POST! HEeee
We miss you Chloe. =)
I jump, i jump jump jump!
Chooi han is so happy!This fella very lan c lor~ hahahaThe professional.
That's my hand. =)
The top 10 famous Ah Kuah~HAhaha,shh~~~Yi jing's zuo pin~~Opsss~~~ Paparazzi caught a scene.Our Dinner and then start our journey to go back Kampar.End up with this photo!! Tiring day!!

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