Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday was a cold whether, was raining. Did you sleep well yesterday night? Yeah i did. Yesterday night i dream of you. Not others. You stay together with us in every moment. You tell your funny jokes to us. You sing the song to me. i knew. You'll miss me, of course, the others too! I could see your true smile inside the dreams. I know you are happy with your life now. Very glad to see that. =)

By the way, when the weekends come, i just simply love getting up late in the morning instead of having to force myself to get up early to do somethings important on schools day. Haha, Sometimes nerh, the alarm- The sunlight had shows me the light on my face, i should get up to cover the sunlight by using the curtain. Unless, the sunlight are always so annoying. Besides, i always wanted to get up earlier to jog but the plan is always failed. You see! Actually is no one accompany me to jog and i will be alone all the time. So, thats the reason i had made. hahaha! Anywayz, wish you have a nice day readers!

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