Saturday, November 13, 2010


A very SIMPLE girl wrote a SIMPLE blog who love to share her SIMPLE life. =)
Yeah yeah, yesterday i had a fantastic meal ever in kampar. Guess who is the main chef leh? muahahah, the wearing white shirt onee lor. She planned to cook a meal for us. Specially thanks to her!Before i proceed to the next one, i would like to let you compare the colour of the chicken. And gonna share out the recipe from Apple. Dutch lady milk pour into the bowl with the drumsticks. Do not need to put anything into it other than the milk.
Let's start the step. Just a very simple step. Fry it with the oil and they waste 15 minutes to fry it, because the drumstick is very big.
Follow by vegetable and toufu.
Our dinner already kau tim! Let's start the meal~~~ yummy!!! Delicious!

*Special thanks to apple, chooi han and Lin yun*

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