Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pray for them.

Hey guys, yesterday i went to visit Pei feng at hopital Fatimah which located at Ipoh. He is getting better than one day to one day. So, do not worry about it. Well, just the wound infection make him fever. The doctors and nurses were take a good care for him. His mum too!Oh yea, according to the latest news, Pei feng do not need to do the operation already instead he will be able to leave the hospital and rest at home very very soon! Let's pray for him. =)

Besides that, Chloe- the girl who involve in the accident. I have no photo about her because she is still in ICU and there is not allowed to take photo i think. Chloe haven't wake up to talk yet because of the medicine. Chloe is abit serious than Pei feng because she had knock her head. Chloe had do an operation which to take out the blood pieces in her brain. We went to visit her after Pei feng. She could not open her eyes and talk too! Although she's not awake yet but she could reply by moving her eyebrown when we are asking her some question. God bless her and we should pray for her too! When i first saw her sleep at the bed, I feel the pain deep from my heart! A young girl and a young boy were only 19 years old and they are just wanted to step the first step to the world, and who knows something bad happen to them. They are innocent!!!!

The mercedes driver! you sucks! You blame them. You do not have the kind heart although you are a doctor! He don't even come to visit THEM once he bangs to them! He make the accident happen! Shame on you!

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