Friday, November 26, 2010

Time flies~

I suppose to update my blog everyday but this few days i am very busy with my presentation things and those meetings. So, how's life? Still the same. I am not going to say FML at here instead of LML. See! I am the person who enjoy my life but somehow everytime i still have to face alot of troubles. I am willing to face it the troubles because i believe that troubles make improve. By the way, this semester has passed in a blink of an eyes. This whole semester had been quite a ride. Just enjoy my life without worrying somethings. Trying to be a very strong girl to settle all the things without anyone helps. Somehow, things will screw up itself sometimes. Lols. What a jokes!

Yesterday we have a bbq party with my friends and the party was held at my house.From the beginning of the semester 5, we planned to do it, but the plan is always fail and FAILED!!!Till today, finally we done it! Few days ago, they had buy the chicken wings and mix it with the chili powder. Next, the bbq party start. A very random bbq party and i don't want to talk much about it. They are still at downstair bbq-ing, and me myself had a very seriously backache, so i decided to stay at my room to rest. Feel so sorry to my housemate because i didn't help to clean the stuff after the bbq party. =( hahaha!

P/s: Our smile make you smile. So, watch us on top of the sky, i knew you are smiling right there.

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