Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yesterday was Jia yi first cry day, we went to buffet steamboat +bbq to help him celebrate his birthday. The restaurant name 任你吃blah blah. I think most of the utarian will know that place. Each person just pay Rm20 and you can take whatever food you want. There are also got two types of cooking, one type is bbq cooking method while the another one is steamboat. This is our Shou Xing Gong~~~
The party starts! hahaha
They looks so happy!!! Do you see this? hahaha
Everyone are enjoying their meal. Of course! Me too hahah
Ignore my hair.. ohhh myy~~
Looks geli right?
But taste good. YI JI BANG NERH!!!
The chef- Lin yun.
He is so CUTE! Tan Choon Yong hahahhahahahahhaa
Zi liang kuang~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

KimBan(the face): oh, the cake so nicee~
G.K(the white shirt):hahahahaha
Jiayi(black shirt): why you buy this cake? not nice lor.. come, let me show you which one nice. next time buy for me.
Chiayee(brown shirt) & apple(grey shirt): ok laa.
Sotong(pink shirt): SMS his engaged person hahaha.
Ivy(purple shirt): jia yi~ look here, i want take photo.
Zoey(brown shirt):faster leh, i want eat cake.

Make a wish.
Take alot of photo, but the photo are not perfect yet.
And finally~~~~ This one is the most perfect one!!! Group photo!!! Chloe, do you see our smile? You are always in our heart, forever and forever! That's mean we happy, you are happy too? Isn't it? =)

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