Monday, November 8, 2010

A story between us.

I first met her at utar kampar cafeteria. She is Pui yee's friend. She is a friendly person but she did not talk much to a stranger. According to my memory, that time we are sitting near to the lake side and her phone rang, her brother called her and ask her where is she now? She reply her brother with the words "i am sitting near to the "POND" there. There is a Lake but she called the lake as pond. This is the first impression when i knows her. If you knows her, she will talk as much as she can. Her saliva always will keep to her friends included me. I am so proud to know her. Wei shan is a emotional person, if her moods turn bad, her face will shows it. I will always become the one to motivate her, to jokes her. She take care all of us with her trutly heart, that's why we called her as "Ah ma". She loves us more than loves herself. Besides that, she loves to help people who always get into trouble such as , assignment and presentation. As you knows wei shan, her english education is damn bloody good. She helps me to correct the grammer mistake inside the assignments. Wei Shan is a very good smiler. When she smiles, you don't even can see her eyes because her eyes is smaller than me instead you can see a line only. When she smiles, her eyes will follow smile too. A very sweet smile ever! Oh ya, she loves ayumi hamasaki alots, I remember once time, she email the drumer of the ayumi hamasaki, and the drumer replied her. She feels so happy and jumping around there. A very pure smile shows on her faces. I can imagine again the smile. I won't forget it forever and ever! NEVER! Other than that, she loves green tea so much! Her facial foam, shampoo, body shampoo, everything is related to green tea. A green tea lover as you can see from her things. Once more, RED. She love red colour very very much. Her sweater, bottle, shoes, purse, earring, jeans, shirt and many many more, all also is RED colour. Chloe, i miss you badly. Chloe, i love you. Chloe, Rest in peace. We will always remember you. We loves you! Please report your situation through my dreams! Please!

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