Thursday, July 1, 2010

Iphone 3gs

I believe that those who knows me deeply will know that i want a 3gs iphone for a long long time ago.3gs iphone is so costly and i really cannot afford on it.Yesterday noon times, me and louis went for the phone fair which located at Kampar-New town(near go gossip shop).I walked in and starting find my dream phone -iphone.Well, i know the original iphone won't sold at this kind of place, i try to find the iphone that made in china.Finally, i found it! Yeah, the china iphone is cheaper alot alot than the orignal one.Its cost Rm650 for the iphone which looks the same as the iphone.Actually, still got alot kind of iphone, they made the iphone just look alike the original one. How Pro china is?Not only made in china one, i went through the road, i saw the iphone which made from Singapore.Yeah, singapore one.I think singapore one will better than china one kua~ I was wondering, the function good to use or not. After that, we went back uni to renew the id card at block F, and then block B.On the way to uni, i message my bro, i ask him the cost of china iphone.He called me after that.Yes, he ask me " you wan to buy issit? Don't buy the china iphone, its easy to spoil and not nice to use also.What happen to your phone?Spoil already?"I answered"gonna spoil, sometimes will auto off."He said"ohh okay."I decided to buy a phone for myself,and of cuz,the iphone is so costly and i might give up buying that iphone.After a few minutes later, i received a text from my brother,"give me 4 lucky number, i kena i buy for you" Woot!I knew it couldn't kena so easily,need the luck to kena one okay?I gave the 4 lucky number to him then.After i receive this text, my heart feel warm~ Thanks bro!I knew you are the one who always sayang me ~~ =) After everything was done,we finally went back. I was praying today 4d must kena~Praying hardly!!!!Gua ni ma popi ,guan gong popi~ everything also out~At last,also din't kena.I was so innocent. No such good thing will happen on me if i do really need the luck~Perhaps, the god is totally treat fairly to every human in this world. No special treatment for me.Sometimes, i wanted to talk to god, i wanted to ask god how was human being like this, why human always request more and more, why they don't just content with one's lot, just like me. i am greedy, i need more and more, i want more and more~How could me be like this~ i hate this kind of me. And now, finally i got the mood to blogging ..chatting with pei feng and had a video call with him.SEE! what he did when we are video calling? LOL
I use print screen to snap the screen, so the pic got little bit blur, so sorry!

P/s:I hope i can get iphone one day, i will wait untill that day~ =)
-Dara planet-


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