Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls vs Boys

If you got the chance to choose the sex for your next life, what would you choose?For me, i would like to choose to be girl again. Yeah, many girls would like to choose boy for her next life, but i don't.Why?Actually, to be a boy is more advantages than a girl.You all should know, every girl will suffer on menstruation period every month. This is the first disadvantages for being a girl.For boys, they can go out late at night and their parent won't get worry so much. Instead, girls cannot.The third one, girls need to pregnant nine month to born a baby.Do you know being a pregnant women, they need to suffer in almost everything, they cannot eat "cold" food, must walk carefully in every moment, suffer backbone pain, leg cramp and alot more.Well, since being girl got such alot disadvantages, why i still choose being a girl for next life. There is the answer. Girls can make up herself to make their appearance more pretty.For boys, if they make up, they will looks more gay in his appearance.Perhaps, some artist need to make up for their performance, so, we cannot blame it.Girls can wear pants while boys can't wear dress. They will get attract by people with despise eye if they do really wear it.Okay, lets talk about the main point, boys have a big responsiblity to take good care to girls. Of course, girls too.They need to work hard and earn alot money to support their family. This is the big responsibility for guys. If they failed it in his job, they got nothing, many people will look down on you. Being a girl, if you do really failed it in your job, you can find a rich guy to marry it. Of course, you must find a guy who love you and you love him too.This is why i choose being a girl on my next life. I know, some people who don't agree wif my point. Each people has her own opinion. I am just share out my opinion and don't care much about it.

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