Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chooi Han's birthday

We celebrate Chooi Han's birthday at Grand Kampar Hotel.Enjoy the photo!
The birthday girl-Chooi han and me.
Me and lin yun
Me and apple-Pei Jun
I am hungry, i need Food!!!!
From left to right, Pei Feng, Pui Yee,Jia Yi,ME,John,Chooi Han and Sotong.
Pei feng and me.See his kiam pa face.The wearing light blue colour shirt-Jeff.The blur shadow-definitely not ghost, is Jia yi.
See, I am pulling whose ear?
Oh shit, he revenge!!!
Me and John
Louis,Pui yee and me
Pui yee and me~
Here comes me again~

P/s:Thanks for the clicking.

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