Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He, was my lover for yesterday, but not today,because he disappeared.He protect me all the way from somewhere to somewhere.He would rather sacrifice himself to protect me.I waited him to say i love you for so long, but he didn't.So many people chasing me with a knife, I was so nervous and don't know what should i do for the right time. i'll been caught by the enemy. He came to rescue me with his handsome sport car.And then....because of SOME VOI
CE,I woked up~ DAMN BLOODY HELL!!!! Nevermind, i will continue my dreams once day~Oh yeah, i saw his handsome face. I wish i can meet him in real life~=)Sweet dreams!<3

In the afternoon, Jia Yi, Gee Keong and Kevin came my house to do revision for tomorrow test.Don't say we didn't do revision arh!~ The photo is the prove!!
3 of them
Gee Keong
Jia yi
Here comes ME!
HEE~~ >.<>
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