Thursday, July 22, 2010

Went to Ipoh for buying some stuff and help Lin yun find her new slipper because her slipper was stolen by someone on last week.Actually, we can start the journey to ipoh at morning, because of our(me and Jia Yi)class end at 1pm and we are having mid term test on that time. So, they decided to waited us. After that, Chloe went to the Office and ask about the transfer course
things, and then we went to pick the car at NEW TOWN(NEAR TO THE GHANY)!! OH GOSH!Why did they park their car at there? I was wondering. We walked through Ktar to New town~I need to suffer for the HOT under the BLOODY HOT weather, not only me, all of them also having this kind of suffered i think =.=.Finally, we start our journey to ipoh after Jia Yi went back to take money. Me, Lin Yun and Chloe was busying taking photo in the car.
I am quite lazy to type words, so~ Let the photo draw on my post!
What are they doing behind there???
Me and lin yun
4 of them excluded me! =(
I always like to do this face~So,if you don't like to see, shut the page down.i don't mind.=)

That's all for today~
Blog dismiss~!

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